Cron-troubles: settings got lost

Hi there,

I became webmaster after someone else chose for and installed elgg. Somehow the settings for the cronjob suddenly got lost at the server. I was to late noticing it and no backup seem to be available any more.

I want to restart cron, so messages will go out (normally every ten minutes). People do want to see the mails. points me to ' path/to/elgg/elgg-cli '. I don't find a file named elgg-cli point me to files like 'cron/hourly/'. i don't find these files either.

I really would like some assistance in finding the right filename/settings/... to get this up running again. Eventually to get out the first bunch by hand, but also to get cron back up again.

We run at version 2.x (looking for the exact version number as well).

Thanks already for your answer!


Webmaster Lieve Engeltjes (