How to shut /activity and /members pages to search engines and/or non-loggedin users

Hello everybody,

My site is open garden site. Some groups are private (closed). When I search on google I see that mysite/members is accessable. Same as mysite/activity.

I am trying to find answers to:

1- How to make mysite/members and mysite/activity inaccessable from search engines (to stop indexing).

2- How to make mysite/members and mysite/activity inaccessable without login.

I believe I can solve both problem if I use iionly's LoginRequired plugin. It is great but LoginRequired overrides Login page changing all design of site front page.

But I would like to have individual user profiles accessible. I want only members list inaccessable.

I was searching another solution. I tried Ismayil's hypeSEO plugin. I created rewrite rules like:

source URL: /members

Target URL: /privacy

And I regenerated rules and I cleared site cache. But still I type in /members from another PC in unloggedin mode, I still can see the members list.

Thank you for any ideas.



I use Elgg 2.3




  • Copy these files:


    To your custom plugin with same paths:


    Edit the copied files - add at the top, immediately after <?php :


    Save and clean the caches


    Your proposal solved the problem.