The wire threads issue

Had 3 attempt to use Elgg for acommunity site and this was one of the main reasons that always pushed me back. 

Replies on the wire are shown completelly different than, for example a blog with nested comments or Facebook. I write something. I get a reply hours later, after X new posts, and the reply looks like another post with apparently no connection to mine. Until I click the 3 dots menu to click thread link wich probably nobody would do without knowing that post is part of one. 

The Wire Tools plugin solves this somehow by placing a visible thread link that opens a dropdown with all the posts part of that discussion. But then, there is the activity page wall where this doesn't work and everything looks the same.

Is there any way I cold add another class for the main post and for the reply respectivelly. To stile them afterwards? As I see this is not something where I could add

<div class="myclass"></div>

in one of the plugin files.

  • You can check 'parent_guid' on false/true and add your custom class in object\thewire.php

  • @RvR Thank you for the reply. Hope I can manage to make those changes.

    Everyone here thinks everyone else is a developer too, but you'l be surprised by how many non-devs look at Elgg as a great choice for it's ease of use. Minus these things, ofcourse.

  • Everyone here thinks everyone else is a developer too

    But you've asked as a developer.

    Elgg isn't CMS but framework.

  • Should I've asked the question somewhere else as a non Dev? I'm not too familiar with how things work on Elgg forums. :/


    Basically all I had were 2 issues regarding Elgg. The upload plugin that let almost any kind of file upload. And fixed that last time I tried to use Elgg, editing one plugin file. And this one, where I'm not shure where to edit besides thewire.php. Or exactly what. And I'd just be happy to find a "fix" and start using Elgg.

  • I meant if you want the non-standard features then you should learn to develop as well but not be a "help vampire" (on your reply).

    Regarding your question use this snippet:

    $reply = $entity->reply;
    if ($reply) {
          $class = 'reply_class';
    } else  {
         $class = 'no_reply_class';
    $params = [
         'title' => false,
         'tags' => false,
         'access' => false,
         'icon_entity' => $entity->getOwnerEntity(),
         'class' => 'thewire-post ' . $class,
    It will check if post is a reply or not and add your custom classes.
    You should use it in the object\thewire.php which need to copy to your custom plugin with same paths:
    You should add your classes in your custom style file and then extend it.
    Your plugin must be placed after thewire plugin on the Administration -> Plugins page.
    You can use my skeleton plugin for Elgg 3 to quick start.
  • Thank you. I'll use your advice. 

    Not shure if or what's gonna change for the Wire-Activity River in Elgg 4 but this should make it there not being some heavy coding but very usefull, though.