Design/Layout for the tabbed interface

Hey Kevin,

Could you point me in the right direction - where to customize the look/feel of the profile shown by the flexprofile plugin, for example: /pg/flexprofile/lirantal

It's currently (by default) shown with a white background and a bolded field name followed by a new line with non-bold field value. I'd like to customize this view to look more like the profile page itself with the grey odd/even divs.

That plugin is so huge on source code and views that it's burried somewhere there and I was hoping you could tell me where the file that holds that view may be found...



  • @kevin ?

    Could you also add to the next version the 'wide tabbed' option to be available in the profile as well? (it's only available now for groups).

  • @Kevin - hi I would also like to play with the design a bit. I was looking in the views/default/profile/userdetails.php file and found the following:

    <td colspan="2">
        if ($form) {
            if ($form->profile_format != 'tabbed') {
                if ($data['bottom']) {
                    echo '<div id="profile_info_column_right">';
                    foreach($data['bottom'] as $item) {       
                        echo '<b>'.$item->title.'</b>';
                        echo '<br /><br />';
                        echo $item->value;
                        echo '<br />';

    I tried to play around with it thinking it was the layout. But changing it seems to have no effect on layout.

  • Making the changes is not a problem for me, the problem is that I want to benefit from future upgrades to this plugin and doing changes in this module will prevent me from safely upgrading to the next version.

    Kevin - will you take patches to style up the layout?
    How about putting the code in a google code/sourceforge repository?

    It will for sure benefit from my developments as well as from others.

  • I have a quick question about calling on a profile page's owner. I have modified the original profile fields so I can set my own, but when a user goes to a friend's profile, he can't see the friend's profile information. I can set it so the visiting user can see his own information regardless of who's profile is being looked at, but I can't figure out how to get the profile fields of the page owner to show up instead.

    I've tried:



    $vars['user'] and $vars[guid']


    and perhaps a few others...

    Any ideas? Much appreciated! :)

  • where can i change the layout on the tabbed profile fields?? 
    i tryed "views/default/profile/userdetails.php" but when i changed the file nothing happend in the output on tabbed profile?

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