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  • @deepvoice..

    looking at this and it seems to need a little more. all files show the audio player.  so deff needs a little work. if you get it working properly ill add it in.

  • @fusion

    I only needed it for audio files.

    However, a couple of lines and I can put back the 'other' functionality. I will edit thie previous post tomorrow after I do that.

    I have a sandbox site up so pardon the mess. http://vosandbox.vogvo.com

    Question: It must be the way I have things set up, but when I go to look at someone else's profile, I don't get the 3 column river, I get the plain jane river. I only get the 3 column river on my own dashboard. Is there a setting I missed to get all profile views over to the 3 column river?

    (Note: I am the worst at RTFM... )

    Oh.. reminder to self.. I have an extra </div> or two under the NO FILES section. Will fix that too.

  • Okay... posted the new code (just editted the old code post.. so don't be confused)

  • I can imagine if you have a lot of files this would get rather lengthy.

    Would only require a little limitting in the script

    Here it is in Pseudo code if you want to try it before I get around to it:

    if(($files) && ($count < $max_files)) {

    $count = $count + 1; // This happens when looping through the files

    If ($count > $max_files) {

     echo "<a href=files_page>MORE<a>";


  • @fusion:

    The latest works great! Need to send the author back to the edit page if a Title is not entered but that will have to happen in the file module.

    Right now doing a LOT of hacking of the Classifieds module so I dont have time to pretty the code up.

    Looking forward to the next release!

  • feature requests: moderate post on the dashboard: delete bulgar status


    thank you..

  • Any chance of a LIKE and DISLIKE button so you can like somebody's status example Facebook :)

  • I would like to request some features in 3 riverdashboard  i am also trying but i am novice to elgg so i cant till

    thewire plugin should be embeded to the riverdashboard such like the wall in facebook the all and mine tabs are removed and only friends feeds should be shown on the riverdashboard everything should be ajaxed the videos shared run in the riverdashboard, inline commenting, like dislike feature.

    I am very pleased to see such like feature in elgg.

    I have first tried some of them using another dashboard i dont know the name but by adding some code in nav.php and index.php but i am trying this in the 3column river dashboard its failing any one tell me this why. and one another thing i want to request is when a user share a vedio it is also posted to its wire and some personalization features

    the elgg team is one of the world best team providing such like fetaure free of cost i am very thankful to elgg in this regard.


    Abdullah Yousafzai

    A New Elgg Supporter

  • Is it possible that 3 column riverdashboard works with theme_simplebluewhite correclty?

    What is to change for?

    maybe somebody can help me!