error in step 4 elgg instalation

Hi Community !! I have installed elgg in my web site, but wend  I load all the information about bd, like user, pass, dbname etc. wend I accept to jump to the step number 4 I receive a error please help, I going to give the information to access I dont have any data in the database, my username is ptsuser, password is 1VZU-)786j*F database name is dnpt001, hostname is localhost, database prefix is digitum_ .

Please help and tellme in wich part I have the error, if the error is in elgg application or if the error is in my server, I have a disscuse the last week with cpanel switch and upgrade my php version becouse I haven php 5.2 and I need 7.2, cpanel make the upgrade suppouse becouse I receive a email from them, but my elgg site still with error.