lightbox not displaying text.


Using Elgg 2.3.14 and having some issues with lightbox.  I would like my submit button to open a lightbox with a message and upon closing the the box continue submitting the form.  Currently when the lightbox displays I'm getting an empty box with the 'close' button, and when I close the form is not submitted.  Actually it would be better if the form is submitted and then the lightbox opens immediately after. .Here is my code in my blog form:

$save_button = elgg_view('input/submit', array(
        'value' => elgg_echo('save'),
        'name' => 'save',
        //'rel' => 'popup',
        'href' => "#sign-notify",
        'class' => 'elgg-lightbox-inline mll',

echo elgg_format_element('div', [
                'class' => 'hidden theme-sandbox-content-thin elgg-module-popup',
                'id' => 'sign-notify',
        'A notification has been sent to your mobile device for signature.');

Not sure what I'm doing wrong here.


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