Programmatically disable email verification


I'm using elgg 2.3.14 and I currenlty can't login to my app due to the nature of my plugin.  I need to disable the email verification plugin, but not sure how to do it if I'm not able to login currently with my admin account.  Or, is there a flag or something that I can set in my database to enable a newly registered user that never received the verification email?





  • Have you an access to your server on the Elgg installation root's folder?

    What's you meant 'email verification plugin' ? Which the real plugin's name?

  • I do have access to the root folder.  I'm not sure what the plugin's name is.. 'email verification plugin' was just a guess.  Whatever causes a verification email to get sent to the user when they register.. I want to disable that.  The emails are never received so I don't get to verify the account... which means that user isn't allowed to login


  • Seems, it's uservalidationbyemail

    So, go to /mod folder and delete or rename folder with this name - uservalidationbyemail.

  • Thanks.. I will give that a try.

  • that was it.. thank you!

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