Why my custom Metadata is empty ?

Hi everyone,

I am trying to create a custom user's metadata with a default value after user account creation.

So in the init of the my  Bootstrap.php I have the following entry.

public function init() {

          $this->elgg()->events->registerHandler('create', 'user', '\Pessek\PessekClasses\PesseConfig::defautValTest');


defautValTest looks as followed.


public static function defautValTest(Event $event) {


$user = $event->getObject();

if (!$user instanceof \ElggUser){



elgg_call(ELGG_IGNORE_ACCESS, function () use ($user) {

        $user->pessek_test_default = "123456789";



Every time a new user is created,  my function is triggered. But pessek_test_default is empty.

I Use Elgg developer tools plugin to check that the user's metadata are saved correctly. The metadata pessek_test_default is empty after user account creation.

What's wrong in my code ?





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