Installation Problem

Hi guys, 

I am trying to start the elgg installation process on my browser but I keep getting this error and  I can´t seem to solve it.

I have given the whole elgg the permission 777 also the owner of the directory is apache, so I really don´t understand.

On the other hand I also tried and copied the file and modified settings.php and written the username, password, database name, host, and prefix under single semi colon ' ' but even though it continues with the same error: 


Settings file

Your web server does not have permission to create the settings.php file in your installation directory. You have two choices:

1. Change the permissions on the elgg-config directory of your Elgg installation

2. Copy the file vendor/elgg/elgg/elgg-config/settings.example.php to elgg-config/settings.php and follow the instructions in it for setting your database parameters


Thank you in advance.

  • Seems, you have problem with rights permisions on the elgg-config directory.

    Check group:owner again. Use -R parameter. 

    Sometimes, command is:

    chown -R apache:apache /var/www/html/elgg-config


    chown -R httpd:httpd /var/www/html/elgg-config


    chown -R wwconf:wwconf /var/www/html/elgg-config

    Also, there're SELinux issues: 1, 2

    Ask your hosting support to know which rights permissions needs for such directories.