Is there any simple way to suppress friend relationships from the river in 3.xx?

What I am seeing is that the wire feed doesn't include some important member updates but the river is getting flooded with friendships.  There are some old plugins that remove the friendships from the river but they crash 3.xx.  

Is there any simple way to suppress displaying new friendships from the river display?  All the interesting stuff is getting buried on our social site by the friends.  

Thanks for any suggestions.  I can do some simple edits reasonably competently with php programming but also understand that I could be quite dangerous flying by the seat of my pants so try to step cautiously before deploying something unique that I have modified.

  • Thanks for the point in the right direction.  If I simply rename the folder vendor/elgg/elgg/views/default/river/relationship/friend to friend.bak am I going to create some issue or is there a more delicate and correct way to suppress it.


    Appreciate all the help you guys give to us out here.

  • A little backstory to help this make more sense.  This is an adult couples site with a membership of a couple thousand.  The VPS host that starts with Arvi** lost several years worth of data with some type of hardware failure and nothing could be recovered.  After a month of them stalling they finally gave up on any data recovery or backup restore.  I bit the bullet and went with the newest version of Elgg even with limited plugin updates to help with update issues in the future.  It might have been wiser to go with a 2.xx version because all of the plugins that are perfected but with a major version change went the way we did.

    So after a period of dead time with the site not even loading I moved to a different host and now members are finding it and searching out their old friends.  Each new member probably averages about 7 to 10 new friends from day one.  That is what is flooding the river display.  Everything meaningful posted is buried several pages back.  

  • Don’t Modify Core

    Use My plugin for Elgg 3 and try to make all changes there but not in the /vendor folder.

    Also, there's a related discussion.