i cant seem to remove activity page completely

you guys am using elgg 2 am trying to remove activity page completely and use blogs all your answers are not helping please show me a step by step instead of two lines o dont seem to understand

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  • To unregister the activity page and the activity site menu entry add the following two lines to the init function of a suitable plugin:

    elgg_unregister_menu_item('site', 'activity');

    Suitable plugin could be a plugin you use for making custimizations anyway (if in doubt a new plugin with just these two lines in the init function in start.php of this plugin and then placing this plugin at the bottom of the plugin list).

    If you use the custom_index plugin (listed as "Front Page demo plugin") you can make the blog page the default landing page by adding the file mod/NAME_OF_YOUR CUSTOMIZATION_PLUGIN/views/default/resources/index.php to your plugin with the content


    This will just forward from the usual index page to the blog listing page. If you use a theme plugin that uses its own index page you might need to override another view instead of this index.php view to replace the landing page provided by this theme plugin.

    The activity widgets will still exist and could be added to profile pages and dashboards of site members. I'm not sure right now if there's an unregister function for widgets in Elgg.

    As you had asked by PM also about how to remove other menu items my suggestion about that: disable any plugin(s) you don't need or don't want your site members to use. With the plugin disabled the corresponding menu entry will be gone, too. If you only want to remove the menu item do it in the same way as with the activity page entry by using the elgg_unregister_menu_item() function with the item name corresponding to the menu entry you want to remove.