Macros for blog entries

First let me say that I did use the search feature before asking this question. It is possible that I didn't know enough to know how to phrase the query so please don't be irate at my daring to ask. Second off (related to the first) I am an utter and complete novice. I am never going to be nor aspire to be a developer or coder. I just have a raggedy website for old gardeners to journal about their I may not use the right terms. I hope I have disclaimed enough to avoid censure.

I would love to have the ability to set some macro series of commands in my ELGG blog that allows users to do much as does MS Word and use shortcut keys to create block of repeated text and perhaps perform commands like date insert (I realize that the date is inserted under the ## of days ago area via a mouse over but the actual display of the date would be awesome) I wouldn't need for the various users to be able to set the macros just to use a predefined list of them. 

Thanks for your kind attention and I do appreciate the hours of free time you donate to this cause.