Problem with edited profile fields

I am using elgg 3.3.1 and am using admin edited profile fields.  These seem to work fine for most people but one user is reporting finding that when he goes to his profile page he doesn't see the names of the profile fields but sees this:


As you can see, the fields say "Profile:admin_defined_profile" instead of listing the actual name of the field.  I asked him to use various browsers and he did and found the same result.  When I go into his profile as an admin it looks fine.


Any ideas on how to deal with this?


Thanks!  Tom



  • I will ask him to do that and also to try another computer to try and isolate things a bit.  Thanks.

  • Cache did not seem to be the problem.  I got the users login data and looked  at his account on my computer and the same problem was encountered.  Is this something that is seen frequently?  Should I simply have him delete the account and try again?  That seems like an easy path but if this is going to continue with other users I would prefer to get to the bottom of it.  Thanks for any ideas.

  • Are you using the Profile Manager plugin (or how have you defined the profile fields?)?

    I had an issue quite some time ago with the Profile Manager plugin when the user language was set to German (see But it had been on Elgg 2 and was fixed in the meantime.

    What is the language this user has selected as user language? Could it be happening only with this language (if not English)? If you are using the Profile Manager plugin and the issue does not show up with this plugin temporarily disabled, I would suggest to report the issue at the corresponding github repository of the plugin. For now I would suggest to NOT delete the account because the same problem might occur again with the new account if it's for example a matter of the selected language or some other bug in a plugin.

  • Very Helpful iionly!  Once you mentioned the language chosen I checked to see what language the user had chosen and it was "Catalan."  I switched it to english and all is well!  It now prints perfectly what was intended. Case closed!  Unless you need to use Catalan. >:)

  • It might help to report this problem nonetheless. Catalan might not be the only language not working.