Developer wanted for customization

By tbcuz

1 We need an installation of ELGG Multi-User with basic customization
for a very basic group site


2 Replace all ELGG logos

3 Make sure plugins are properly configured so that...

4 "Adminstrator" can set up "city group" pages (Phila, Chicago, NY
etc...) to create "categories" (Sports, Language, Singles)  so that....

5 "Subscribers" can create interest groups (football, French etc...) in those categories on those city pages to become "organizers", so that...

6 "Organizers" can create events with rsvp function and invite others
to attend

ELGG modules and plugins offer all these functions, we just want to
make sure they are configured properly

7 If you think Multi-User is too difficult or still unstable, then
perhaps basic ELGG 1.6 with Group Manager plugin may do the above

$300 or best offer

Tony B
Oh Shea's Restaurant
please call anytime
deadline to complete is Oct 15th

Professional Services

Professional Services

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