Upgrade from v2 > v3 - Installatron

Hi there,

I'm using Elgg v2 which was installed by Installatron. What is the easiest way to upgrade to v3.3.0?

I tried overwriting the files and running upgrade.php, without much luck.

Hope you can help me out!

  • UPGRADE 2.3 > 3.1
    - backup DB
    - backup production
    - backup /mod
    - backup elgg-config/settings.php
    - login as Administrator
    - turn off all plugins
    - turn off all simple caches' options (Dashboard -> Advanced settings)
    - go to Dashboard and stay on there
    - format your DB, tables and columns to utf8mb4 and InnoDB
    - change a new .htaccess \ nginx
    - delete old /vendor and files
    - copy the new 3.1 /vendor and files
    - add new changes in elgg-config/settings.php
    - turn on $CONFIG->image_processor = 'imagick'; in elgg-config/settings.php
    - delete old /mod
    - delete in /data folders: /views_simplecache and /system_cache
    - run upgrade.php -> go to admin/upgrades and run Upgrades -> return on Dashboard
    - copy new /mod 
    - activate only bundled plugins
    - run upgrade.php \ flush the caches

    enable and set your 3rd party plugins

  • Thanks, will give it a try!