Requirement check



I've just install Elgg 3.3.0 and in step 2 (requirements check) it give an avertissement who say:

Your server does not support automatic testing of the rewrite rules and your browser does not support checking via JavaScript. You can continue the installation, but you may experience problems with your site. You can manually test the rewrite rules by clicking this link: test. You will see the word success if the rules are working.

How can I correct this and what it can do if I donc fixt this?


  • Install troubleshooting: You might need to install and enable the mod_rewrite module of the Apache webserver. It's required for the rewrite rules of Elgg to correctly work.

  • I have done the test and the mod_rewrite is enabled but still got this message in step 2 of Elgg install. What shoult I do?

  • Hi completed the install and in the last step it said:


      Your Elgg site is now ready to be used. Click the button below to be taken to your site.

      But when I click ont that button I see a blank page with that message:


      Not Found

      The requested URL was not found on this server.

      Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    • If mod_rewrite is now installed and enabled there still might be one or two modifications in your server configuration necessary. Firstly, the rewrite rules defined by Elgg in its .htaccess file can only be working if you allow their use in the webserver config. Now it depends on how your server is set up where you might have to make the necessary adjustment.

      One possibility could be to make the change in Apache's main config file (e.g. /etc/Apache2/http.conf but might be located elsewhere on your server). If you have added a virtualhost config with a separate config file for your Elgg site you would proably want to add the necessary configuration to the vitualhost config file. What you would have to add are the following lines

      <Directory "/path/to/install_directory/of_your_Elgg_installation">
         AllowOverride All

      with the path given matching the path to the install directory of your site on your server.

      Secondly, if you installed your site in a subdirectory on your server's domain, you probably need to change the RewriteBase value in Elgg's .htaccess file (hidden file in the install directory of your Elgg site). There're instructions and an example given how you would have to set the RewriteBase variable.

    • Thank you Iionly for your help.