New to Elgg, Easy way to change index page?

I am quite new to Elgg having just installed 3.3.0.  It seems to function very well and I noticed that the default index page seems to go to the main activity page.  Is there an easy way to have Elgg default to a different page or is that not possible without a plugin?  


Thanks for any help.  Tom

  • @trgolden Tip: Disable Elgg cache before any experiments ;)

  • Great tip!  <smile>  Reminds me of an old quote on advice...."Wise men don't need it and fools won't heed it."

    I just wanted to offer some feedback on the widget plugin.  It has been great.  They have a widget they call free_html which allows you to write html and then drop it where you want it on the page.  This opens up a world of possibilities for anyone with basic knowledge of html.  It was simple to use multiple instances of the free_html widget to create things just as I wanted. 

    A big thank you goes to iionly and RvR for their help with this. Hopefully this thread will help other newbs to get the most out of Elgg.