New to Elgg, Easy way to change index page?

I am quite new to Elgg having just installed 3.3.0.  It seems to function very well and I noticed that the default index page seems to go to the main activity page.  Is there an easy way to have Elgg default to a different page or is that not possible without a plugin?  


Thanks for any help.  Tom

  • or is that not possible without a plugin?  

    No isn't, atleast you must add a hook.

    The bundled plugin is Front Page Demo aka Custom index works well by default in Elgg.

    There're also many ways: 1, 2, 3


  • Thanks RvR for such a quick and helpful response.  Can you point me towards some info that would help me in understanding how to use the front page demo plugin?  I activated the plugin but don't see anything that might guide me in how to configure.

  • The Frontpage demo plugin would require modifying its code to customize the layout of the index page. It's meant as a simple example only. With some basic knowledge it wouldn't be too difficult to make some simple adjustments at least.

    But you could also try out the Widget Manager plugin ( Newer versions of this plugins are available at and you should probably also use the Widget Pack plugin from With the Widget Manager plugin you can configure the content of your index page on your site without the need to change any code directly.

  • Thanks very much iionly.  Looks like a number of ways to adjust the index page.  Not being a coder I need some examples or directions on how to experiment with those plugins. Can you point me to any documents that might give info on how to use those specific plugins. The widget manager sounds like exactly what I would love to have. Thanks

  • The configuration of the index page would be done similar to adding the widgets to a profile page, i.e you would be able to do it without coding. The Widget Manager plugin (and some more the Widget Pack plugin and some other 3rd party plugins, too) would offer a selection of widgets you could select to be added to the index page and you can the change the order of the widgets by drag+drop. The Widget Manager plugin settings page has some options you would have to look for, e.g. making use of the index page in the first place and then configuring the number of columns and if logged-in and logged-out users should see the same index page or different layouts. Just give it a try.

  • ok.  I added the widget manager and the widget pack plugins and activated them both...but I can't seem to find a way to edit the index page.  Can you tell me or point me towards some documentation about how to use those plugins to alter the index page?  I must be missing something here?  How does one put them to use?  Thanks for any help with this.

  • First thing you might need to do is going to the plugin settings page of the Widget Manager plugin and enable the index page (option "Use Widget Manager custom index?"). If this option is set to "No", the Widget Manager plugin will not serve the index page and you won't be able to configure it either. Once the option is enabled go to the index page of your site (while logged in as admin) and you should see a link named "Add widgets" in the upper right corner of the index page main area. Just try it and add a widget or a few to the page. You can change the position and order by drag+drop. Some widgets might require a initial configuration. If you don't want a widget anymore, you can also remove it again. On the Widget Manager plugin settings page you can also select from several different column layouts for the index page. Just test it out to see what you like best.

  • Thanks very much for this.  I am starting to see the problem.  When I go to plugin settings there is not an option for widget manager.  I am assuming you are referring to the admin section Configure/Plugin Settings.  What I see are five or six other settings  "Discussions, Friends, Garbage Collector, Groups, System log, The Wire" but nothing for Widget Manager. 

    I am guessing either I am looking in the wrong place or there has been some sort of problem.  I deactivated both widget manager plugins and then reactivated but no change. Thanks for your persistence with this.  Any suggestions? Tom

  • Ok, this is going to sound nutty....but they just did appear in the Configure/Plugin Settings option.  I am guessing that the deactivating and then reactivating fixed whatever problem may have been there and the cache may have stopped me from seeing it for a period of time. That is not the first time the Elgg cache has fooled me!  So now I can experiment with it.  Thanks very much for your assistance.