Getting this RSS feed off my platform once and for all

Need some straight and correct answers. Putting this in doesnt work.....elgg_unregister_plugin_hook_handler('output:before', 'layout', 'elgg_views_add_rss_link');  considering its already in. Its in but it doesnt work. RSS feed is everywhere and frankly not necessary.  Do you have a version of elgg that doesnt have this in.

Please excuse my frustration. I have been dealing with so many problems with this platform it isnt funny any more.  I know one member here who tried to sign up to my platform to help me, but he knows registration didnt go thru because the plugin "uservalidation by email" doesnt work in elgg 2.3 with the aalborg theme and it caused a malfunction in the registration. The "follow" plugin gave me WSOD on the activity page. It had no effect on any other page except the activity page. Trouble shooting said "error in the end of the php tag". I ran every page thru php test software and it said "no errors found".  With that result I just deleted the plugin. And thats just scratching the surface. 

As I stated before I am not a programer. However I did manage to fix most of the problems on my own. I'm down to the wire (so to speak) and I'm trying to complete my tweeks by getting rid of this PITA RSS feed. I deleted the file right out of the core and its still there on every page. After 6 twelve hr days of fix fix fix fix my patience has worn very thin with this platform. 

My comments are not meant as disrespect but if no one here actually knows how to get rid of this rss feed completely off the elgg platform, then I guess things are better off left unsaid. 

Thank you and once again I apologize for my frustration and please dont take this post in any disrespect.


  • Elgg 3 introduced a site setting to disable RSS.

    On Elgg 2 you could unregister the RSS menu entry with this code

    function my_plugin_init() {
        elgg_register_plugin_hook_handler('register', 'menu:extras', 'my_entity_menu_handler');
    function my_entity_menu_handler($hook, $type, $items, $params) {
        foreach ($items as $key => $item) {
            switch ($item->getName()) {
                case 'rss':
                    // Remove the "rss" menu item
        return $items;

    (I just used some generic function names here you would have to adjust. You could also add the code to a customization plugin you already use. Basically, you need to add the plugin hook registration function to an init function in start.php of a plugin and the callback handler function also to the start.php of this plugin)

    As for the useregistrationbyemail plugin not working with the Aalborg theme on Elgg 2.3, it's definitely working! Both are bundled plugins since a long time. Do you really think it would be left broken for years? If it doesn't work for you, it's for some other reason. First of all, you should only use only plugins (or versions of plugins) where the developer recommended them for Elgg 2. If you modify any code of a plugin or code of Elgg core itself, please test it thoroughly - especially with not much knowledge in coding in general or Elgg more specifically. And don't change more than one thing at once without being sure that you modifications work. It sounds to me that you tried different things at once without really knowing what you are doing and now you have several issues at once without knowing where each of them origins. It might help to take a step (or a few steps) back and start without 3rd party plugins enabled and with just unmodified code. And then fix once issue after the other and only do one step (activate one 3rd party plugin) at once.


  • Thank you mr iionly for the rss help. Just to say, I actually use 10 of your plugins and they work fine.

    As for the uservalidationbyemail, due to my frustration I didnt explain myself properly. It did sorta work but then it

    Since you commented about proper versions of plugins, the bundled version of the uservalidationbyemail plugin is elgg 1.9 and thats what written in the manifest.xml so With all due respect sir, I did not bundle or add that plugin. I can only assume that a bundled plugin would naturally be up to date.   :-)

    As for it working heres what happens....

    You fill out registration form. When you hit the "register" button, the page would refresh and a message would pop up saying that you have to log in to do that. (or something like that), When you go to log in, you would get a red pop up saying you are not registered to do that. 

    Next.. You go to your email and the email to validate is there. Problem is when you click the link it takes you to the login page and green pop up says you have to login to do that. When you try to log in, you get the red pop up again saying you have to register. Now when I go to site admin under users, the person is listed as unvalidated. So the email went thru but the link in the email didnt validate. Mr RvR can verify that cuz he helped me on another issue and he tried to register but couldnt validate.

    as far as having multiple issues at once , I have to say you are incorrect. They were not all at once but one at a time. I did stop at each issue and back tracked until I got it fixed. most were dependency issues which I was able to fix. A couple were conflicts with other plugins. The only one I could not fix was the wsod caused by the follow plugin. So I disabled it cuz its no big deal.

    With that said sir the site has been tweeked and everything working (but cant use the uservalidationbyemail plugin). lol Now I'll work on the rss.

    Thank you for your help and input. It is appreciated. If you want to check it out.....    (yes its under free host for build purposes before it goes to dedicated host.)

  • yes its under free host for build purposes before it goes to dedicated host

    For Elgg 2 there's Platform to setup and test (free trial) your app before deploying on your production server.

    Coming soon Elgg 3...

    Invitation code in your PM already ;)

  • I think you haven't fully understood what I was trying to say...

    I was trying to explain that BOTH the Uservalidationbyemail AND the Aalborg theme plugin are indeed bundled plugins. And being both bundled plugins (forget about the plugin version numbers for these...) they should work together without causing issues like the one you describe.

    I suspect it's rather ANOTHER plugin (NOT bundled with Elgg core) that might cause the problem with the registration page / validation emails. Or it's some other kind of config that might be not fully correct. That's why I suggested to make sure that all 3rd party plugins you have installed are really compatible with the Elgg version you use. For testing purposes you could temporarily disable all 3rd party plugins and test if the account registration is stil not fully working. You could also look into the error log on the server to see if there's anything logged that might indicate what the problem might be.

  • Howdy Mr iionly. I got the  Uservalidationbyemail plugin working. I did as you suggested. I disabled all 3rd party plugins then enabled and checked each one. after a couple hours of that, I decided to take a break and work on tweeking the pages. In opening other files (such as view/default/pages) to do my tweeks I came across a 2nd file named  Uservalidationbyemail. I was like "what the hell is that doing there." I decided to run a search of the file thru my system and lo and behold there was 3 more copies of the Uservalidationbyemail plugin. So 5 total copies including the one in the MOD file. I deleted them all then reinstalled plugin back in MOD file. I searched the system to see if the issue occurred again. I found no other copies so I tested the plugin and every thing worked just fine. I have no idea how 4 copies of the plugin got into 4 different files since its part of the bundle so I just wrote it off as a twilight zone thing. lol   

    I also took care of the RSS issue. With that said, The Swamp is up and functioning properly so I would like to thank iionly and RvR for all their support assistance in the issues I was having.

    If youre a person that likes fishing, feel free to join The Swamp. Its free (plus I could use some members LOL)      Later Y'all