Missing Pluginns from admin/plugins

Something is seriously wrong now with my Elgg install. Multiple plugins have gone missing from admin/plugins panel. Some are obviously active & some aren't. All of the missing plugins are in the Mod folder with 777 permissions. These are things such as Roles that desperately need for giving moderator the Ban ability. Also "Moderators for Roles is missing yet obviously have multiple active mods on my server. This all started after bad server lock up/freeze that required doing full restore from backup. When adding Roles UI it can't find Roles anywhere on the Server thus unmet requirement. Also after the crash, My api key vanished from Izap Video causing it saying the remote server could not be connected for adding new videos. There are also other plugins now missing & it isn't obviously until need finding something specific that isn't accessible. This actually has me extremely worried that the entire server is self destructing.

  • The problem does not exist on my other Elgg installs. unfortunately the problem is on the production server & not any of the test servers or other Elgg installs. My current concept is saving/exporting my SQL records then completely rebuilding production server & importing user base plus point at my data dir. In theory this should resolve the issues yet will be so much work whilst pulling down my server for offline status.

  • If you use a database and data directory from another installation where paths to the install and data directories might be different and the site url is different you need to update some database entries to match the setup of the server. See http://learn.elgg.org/en/1.12/admin/duplicate-installation.html to find out what to change. You should also flush the cache of your site or disable the cache options in the advanced site settings before migrating the site. Otherwise some cached data might remain in the data directory with wrong references.

    If the migration instructions won't help, it back to my previous suggestions including asking the support of your production server. If it works with all installations but on the production server it might be that some aspects of the server config are different. But that's impossible to know for any of us here from the outside!

  • It was all fully operational until recovering from Cpanel backup after server crash/freeze. (had done this multiple times before) Suspect something is corrupt in my SQL. Looking through the SQL is giving me no insights for where plugin data is stored, Otherwise can export those tables from another server for rebuilding SQL of the Server in question. Does anyone have clue where the plugins settings data is stored?

  • Completely build another server in new dir with all plugins... How do we export/import all the the SQL data from another server for populating new server? It keeps giving me errors even when dump all the table and then import my export from other server... or is it more logical somehow point it for my original elgg DataBase?

  • Read the migration instructions I've linked in my last posting to learn which database entries you need to change to be able to use the database from another installation.

  • The problem is in the SQL DataBase.... Did full fresh server rebuild & subsequent SQL migration minus elgg_config... same exact problem now on the new server.... after the entire process...therefore what Database entries would be for either the plugin settings or all the other user/file data?

  • exported/imported all tables "except" elgg_config, elgg_datalists, elgg_sites_entity... same missing plugins problem occurs thus the problem is somewhere else in the SQL tables... What other SQL tables effect plugins?

  • The only thing can come up with now is exporting/importing 25 SQL data structures one at at time until identify isolating corrupted one... ugh... time sink...

  • Way too complicated for repairing obviously corrupted SQL... & obviously the easy "repair" function didn't solve problem...on the verge of just closing/deleting server...

  • Somewhere the database is corrupted and missing plugins/functionality... the server is now a zombie... probably just need to stop wasting time/energy on it all.. and delete the server/users/data... all of my server backups contain the corrupted SQL... best case now is delete everything & start over... or end entire project...