Missing Pluginns from admin/plugins

Something is seriously wrong now with my Elgg install. Multiple plugins have gone missing from admin/plugins panel. Some are obviously active & some aren't. All of the missing plugins are in the Mod folder with 777 permissions. These are things such as Roles that desperately need for giving moderator the Ban ability. Also "Moderators for Roles is missing yet obviously have multiple active mods on my server. This all started after bad server lock up/freeze that required doing full restore from backup. When adding Roles UI it can't find Roles anywhere on the Server thus unmet requirement. Also after the crash, My api key vanished from Izap Video causing it saying the remote server could not be connected for adding new videos. There are also other plugins now missing & it isn't obviously until need finding something specific that isn't accessible. This actually has me extremely worried that the entire server is self destructing.

  • FTP removing Tracker(IP) & some other plugins results in White Screen for Admin/Plugins window.

    It's is strange what plugins are now completely "Invisible" missing from admin/plugins window...

    Notice something new missing each day of the total 158 plugins....

  • There must be some type of logic for this.

  • My troubleshooting process now involves cloning server  for deleting all plugins then reload the stock install.

    It is giving me Invalid Admin Section when click on Admin/Plugins.upon deleting all plugins.

    Now waiting. for stock install plugins uploads completing.

  • What file could be corrupted resulting in Invalid Admin Section. when click on Administrator/plugins with all stock plugins uploaded? Obviously it's not any plugins files."Most" of my core server files have also been replaced with the stock 1.12.17 now.

  • Where is the settings file for manually activating/configuring plugins or is it SQL?

  • Permissions 777 for any files within the install directory and its subfolders is not only not necessary but even dangerous from a security aspect. It might even be that setting 777 permissions is causing problems (depending on how your server is configured) because access to the files with 777 permissions might get blocked just because it would be risky to allow it. For the data directory it's different and as long as the data directory is not within the document root folder 777 permssions would be okay (even if probably not needed)

    Instead of 777 permissions for files and directories inside the install folder of Elgg you should assign the folders with 755 permissions and the files with 644 permissions. From the command line when in the install folder you can change permissions of files with

    find . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 chmod 644

    and of directories with

    find . -type d -print0 | xargs -0 chmod 755

    An additional reason why the server might have problems seeing / accessing content of the install folder might be that SELinux is used on your server. In this case the access is secured with additional access rights controlled by SELinux. You might want to ask the support of your webhoster if this is the case and if so ask them how to fix it (I have no experience with SELinux so can't help you there).


  • Thanks... changed all the permissions... That doesn't solve the issues, yet needs being done. Last night cloned server for deleting all plugins the reloading them... that resulted in getting Invalid Admin Section for Admin/Plugins.... whenever attempted clicking on it....

  • Something is obviously corrupted. None of my cpanel backups were restoring correctly at all until deleted Elgg install... then cloned another test server into that dir... then did restore from backup... Server is still doing the same thing, yet at least managed salvaging my user base & data.

  • As I mentioned in my previous posting already the file permissions might not be the (only) problem. Ask your support of the webhost if SELinux is used and if this is the case ask them how to restore the correct access permissions of SELinux for the files and folders of Elgg. I don't know what else might case the problem - maybe the support has some other ideas. But as you still have the problem even with correcting the Linux file permissions it seems obvious that there's something else going on beyond the Elgg files itself that you can't fix on Elgg site-level.