trying to make a check list to enlist things that I / we need to have working in Elgg latest versions in latest php versions

I am trying to make a check list to enlist things that I / we need to have working in Elgg latest versions in latest php versions.
In mind are php 7.4 and php 8

User functions

  • User is getting registration confirmation mails and passsword reset mails. (Not necessarily depends on Elgg)
  • User : User 2 way friendship and friends lists
  • User can block himself another annoying User (some plugin for Elgg 2x with partial function, no plugin in Elgg3x, this is integral part in social scripts for Wordpress or real sites like Fb)
  • User can use unicode for both display and user names (works in Elgg 2x, not in Elgg 3x)
  • User can edit/unpublish abusive comments himself when he is the blog owner

Status or Wall

Whether we like it or not, a multi-purpose input box atop the profile page and/or the activity/river page has become norm for almost all social scripts and real social sites such as fb. In Elgg this can be done with hype plugin for Elgg 2x. There is the same plugin for Elgg 3x ( I think so) but any 3x real sites with large number of users using this and will it be future-proof like core?
What to do about this "feature" or "the most integral" part nowadays?


Comment in Elgg 2x works well with no major problems
In Elgg 3x some problems, getting sorted
In river view, we need to have plain text view of comments and truncated (with read more) view if very long comments

Image plugin / File Plugin

.... .... .....

Its incomplete list (for example : Notifications, Messaging etc), your feedback will be appreciated in making it complete. I understand different people have different needs and meanings of social nets but a common list of things to test for Elgg 2x or 3x in php 7.4 and php 8  will make life easier.
My personal (but unsupported by any documentation) feel is Elgg 2x runs a little bit faster than 3x, and is more functional.

If I have a full list of things to test, and if I can test Elgg 2x without any problem in php 7.4 and php 8 (if available at any webhost soon), my general trend will be to use Elgg 2x and much later upgrade to 3x if 3x preserves all the functions and user logic of 2x. The reason being, as I said, 2x feels faster and many things (like river page tabs, comments etc) need no further adjustments - runs well and as expected out of box. Certain things like friend lists perhaps works better in 3x but with unicode username there is unsolved problem. This post is no criticism or anything else, just seeking the views of others.