TinyMce and CKeditor

I have CKeditor plugin installed. I believe that it was part of the core package in the ELGG script provided by my webhost. I want to use the Newsletter plugin but it requires TinyMce. When I try to install TinyMCE I get a message that it conflicts with CKeditor.

If I deactivate CKeditor is that going to hobble my blogging and other text entry functions or will TinyMCE absorb those functions?


  • If you are referring to the Newsletter plugin from https://elgg.org/plugins/1564847 it says that TinyMCE is required from Elgg 1.8 (Elgg came with TinyMCE back then) but CKEditor for Elgg 1.9 or newer (CKEditor replaced TinyMCE). So, you should be alright with CKEditor.

  • It won't highlight for activation. I get a dimmed activation tab,I am afraid to deactivate the CKEditor to test it.



    TinyMCE plugin.

    Conflicts with plugin: CKEditor


  • You can't have enabled both CKEditor and Tinymce at the same time. You have to use either one of them. With Tinymce you need to make sure that the plugin is compatible with the Elgg version you use additionally. I don't know if any but mine (https://elgg.org/plugins/782028) works with Elgg 2.

    But the conflict between CKEditor and Tinymce is just one part of the issue. I know that my TinyMCE plugin works fine with all bundled plugins and also all of my plugins. But other plugins might explicitely require the CKEditor plugin (e.g. the Newsletter plugin - also make sure to use the recommended version for your Elgg version). If the Newsletter plugin would require the CKEditor plugin already to be activated you have not much choice as to stick with the CKEditor plugin.