Comment order in Elgg 3x

Its mentioned
"the order of comments is changed for ajax submit/loading reasons and will not be changed"

I have not understood this properly. If it means : older comments will appear at the bottom most - then that is a grave problem. Older comments appear topmost at the present elgg org and all most all php 7 driven actual websites or social scripts. Unless older comments appear topmost in the page - the chronology or meaning out of a discussion is COMPLETELY lost.

If I have understood wrong please correct me. If older comments are indeed doomed to be bottommost - most of us cannot upgrade to Elgg 3x.
Unless there is a community or paid plugin to put things order and stop things from going insane.

Everyone's 2 cent is MOST welcome.
Anyone posting a new issue on this (for example : asking to make ajax submit/loading optional) and also solution will also be great. This is NOT asking something new but just asking
- what is already there in 2x & current elgg site
- what normal chronology all social sites follow and users expect.

Many thanks!

  • Just add this in init() function of your custom plugin and stop panicking:

    elgg_register_plugin_hook_handler('config', 'comments_latest_first', function (\Elgg\Hook $hook) {
        $entity = $hook->getEntityParam();
        if (!$entity instanceof ElggEntity) {
            return null;
        return false;
  • Thanks RvR for posting some solution.

    After posting a comment, the user needs to be taken to the comment he just posted (auto-scroll) specially when the comments are spanning over multiple pages.