izap_videos - how to join/get patch file?

Viewing izap_videos-1.6.1-25-Final Release plugin, on the elgg Plugins page, I see a message that says...

We were notified a bug related to TinyMCE corruption with this plugin. Here you can download patch to fix this issue PATCH for iZAP_VIDEOS 1.6.1-2.5

When I click on the link I get a page that says "No resuts found". 

Ok, so I visit the izap site at (http://www.izap.in/ie-commerce/pg/groups/1643/izap_videos-v-16125-final-release/) - and I see a message that says ...

"You need to join this group to download files attached to this group."

But, I'll be darned, I can't find a "Join" button any place. I can't figure out how to join.

So further, I select "TnyMCE V 3.2.7 upgradation" which brings me a statement...

"Patch has been released. You can download this patch from http://www.izap.in/ie-commerce/pg/file/izap/read/1697/patch-for-downloads-before-8th-of-oct"

Unfortunately I get the "No results found" message again.

I find this very odd. It says I need to join the group to download, but there is no way to join. So how am I suppose to get this patch?

Anyone know anything. Am I just losing my mind?






  • Ok, so I'm braindead. I figured it out. Ya need first to join the Izap Network, then ya can join the group, and then the files are available for download. It was confusing, coming from the elgg site, to the izap group - I didn't put 2&2 together to realize I left elgg and was now in izap.

    It's confusing that the link in the elgg site for the patch doesn't work. Ya need to join the izap site and group before having access to the page.

    It also appears that the izap site has a more current version of the plugin that doesn't require the patch as of Oct 8. I wonder why it hasn't been loaded to the elgg site and a new version established?   This whole business is going to get really messy if we have to go from site to site to site to site just to figure out what's going on. I think it would be much more functional is elgg was a master clearing house for everything. Just my opinion.

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