Community plugins can't accept mp3 on my new site

I am working on my University project,and it's a music site. I want to use elgg theme for plugins but in fortunately,it doesn't accept mp3 uploads any help?

  • Please, stop to clone same topics.

    Also, as I said you in PM, the Community plugins is a bad choice for what you're trying to do.

  • I recently wrote a blog about how to create a multimedia site with elgg. I used the files plugin, nubeso player, among others. You can read about it hereIt could be a good starting point.



  • I would suggest to use the Files plugin. It should support mp3 without any changes and should also allow to play them on site without any additional changes necessary.

    If you don't have the skills to modify the community_plugins plugin according to your needs forget about it. It's not just one place in the code that might need to be changed but a number of changes (even if each one is small) is probably needed to get everything working according to your needs. And I don't expect you will find anyone who would spend hours for free to guide you here.

  • Also the community plugins isn't the best example of good Elgg coding standards ;)

    As others have mentioned try the Files plugin first. It's better written and easier to adopt to your needs

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