Any Friend Request plugin that works in Elgg 3x ?

Any Friend Request plugin that works in Elgg 3x just as in Elgg 2x? and seems to be compatible with Elgg 2x only. This seems more important to have friendship on mutual 2 way acceptance as Elgg is the only social network apparently with no "Block this user" (member to member)

  • I think it's no longer necessary to use the Friend Request plugin with Elgg 3.2. It's functionality is now included in Elgg core already (see release announcement at

  • Thanks @iionly. I found that it is not enabled by default. 2 way friendship has to be activated from admin panel. Thus plugin is no more needed as such. But problem now I face is : when one tries to save a friends name in "Collection" there is Fatal Error and site disappears [ An unrecoverable error has occurred and has been logged. Contact the site administrator with the following information:]

    And I am using PHP 7.4.0 

  • I don't know if Elgg 3 is already fully compatible with php 7.4 (and all 3rd party plugins you might use, too).

    But the problem might not be due to php version used (maybe Elgg is working already just fine on php 7.4). Look into the error log on the server (either the Apache error log or the php error log if the latter one is separate) what exactly the error is about. The message on screen is not telling you the reason. This info is only available in the error log. And without knowing the reason I can't tell if it might be a bug in Elgg or some other cause.