When go to upload file see this error -(The size of file(s) uploaded exceeded the limit set by your site administrator)

I see this error now but doesn't see before 


  • Is the error shown when you try to upload a file or is it already shown before you even try to upload a file (regardless which size the file has)?

    If the error is shown only when you upload a file this file might just be larger than any file you tried before. There is a filesize limit. One place the limit can be set is in the hidden .htaccess file in the install directory. The php variable upload_max_filesize defines the largest filesize allowed (if you increase the value also increase the value of post_max_size at least to the same value - a bit larger is recommened).

    You can then check in the admin area of your site if the values defined in .htaccess are used correctly. The relevant php variable values are listed on the Server Info page.

    If changing the values of the php variables in .htaccess has no effect on the values displayed on the server info page, your server might use a PHP engine that does not allow setting php variables in .htaccess. In this case the values would have to be set in the server's php.ini.

    Another possibility could be that you use a plugin on your Elgg site that either has some plugin setting of its own to limit the filesize. I suspect that you might use a plugin because the error message contains the word "file(s)" and the bundled Files plugin would not allow to upload more than one file at the same time. If you use such a plugin it could also be that this plugin has a bug causing the error to occur even if the file is not too large. So, if you use a plugin, test with the plugin disabled to see if the error still occurs.

  • I have reviewed the htaccess file and have found that the value of the allowed file is more than the file that uploaded and its size is 3 mg and the value is more than that. Everything was working before I pressed days and allowed all kinds of files and sizes and I did not modify or add anything, but today I found this problem

  • This value is written under the file upload box Maximum allowed file size is 512 MB
    The file that I want to upload is only 3MB

  • iionly First, thank you
    I think the problem was in the file. I tried to upload another file, and that was done. Then I modified the name of the file that I uploaded, and that was done.