About collections a closed groups

Hi kevin

Your plugin is fantastic.

I have this problem. I don´t know if it is supouse to work in this way or something is going wrong

1 . I´ve created a closed group

2.  Elgg automatically creates a friend collection with the group

3. I´ve deleted the collection

4. Ive created an event, where the access was set  for the group Ive created.

5. The members that belongs to the group received the notification about the new event

6. In the calendar of the members (except for  the owner of the event) they don´t not have the event in the group calendar.

Is this the way is expected to work because ive deleted teh collection?

If this is the way it works, do you have any work arround to evitate the users to change the collections that are product of (closed) grupos

Thanks very much

jose broide