How to delete a wall post (activity page not displayed good with a hypeWall post problem)


My site activity page suddenly not displayed. Only blank page. I check system log. I see `PHP fatal error : maximum execution time of 30 seconds  exceeded in ....  hypeScraper ...

I increase max exec time in PHP.ini to 90 seconds but no change.

Then I search for hypeScraper and I find someone say the same thing because a user on his website post a strange URL and it confuse hypeScraper or hypeWall :

Its title say `hypewall bring entire site down` but it is not true. Only activity page not displayed. And problem go away when problem post deleted. But how delete it?

I try disable hypewall and try delete last post. I disable hypeWall and I see my activity page but only replies to wall posts deletable, wall posts not deletable (not displayed but only a line with error message hypewall plugin missing)

How can I delete a wall post in this situation?

 I have Elgg 2.3.12 hypeWall 5.2.0 hypeScraper 5.5.0

Thank you for your help.





  • How can I delete a wall post in this situation?

    There's a dumbest way but you should know a guid of the wall post which you want to delete:

    1 - Go to your website and try to copy the delete action URL of any entity, e.g. 'blog' post':

    2 - Now edit this URL for wall post with guid == 123:

    3 - And 'run' this link via browser.

    Keep in your mind that elgg_ts and elgg_token are the temporary params so you must generate the delete action URL again for every post separatly.

    Of course, you may want to use some usefull plugins, or SQL query to delete the wrong post.

  • Thank you RvR. Which database table I look for guid of wall post?

    Sorry for extra question but I can not found.