Mail configuration (sending inter-personal and validation emails, not sending group emails)

I have an installation of Elgg 2.3.11, PHP 5.6.40, AWS linux

Mail is configured correctly, as evidenced by sending password reset emails and messages between users.  I understand that these are sent synchronously.

However, messages to a group are not sent.  I understand that these are sent asynchronously by cron.  Accessing cron/minute shows that the job runs, but no email is sent.  The mail log shows no attempt to send mail.

What configuration step am I missing to make this work?

Happy to provide relevant information (but right now I don't know what it might be).

Thanks in advance for any help. 

-- Dave

  • Are group notifications (email method) enabled for the group and the member account you are testing the sending? There're setting pages for notifications and group notifications each user can configure on his own (Settings menu in topbar and then the two notification menu entries in the sidebar will bring you to these pages).