In Elgg 3x, why does the comment box disappear after the first comment?

After the first comment, the comment box disappears. Thereafter it is a two step procedure, so that users/members who will use Elgg3x from 2x needs to learn a new workflow or UI. After the first comment if the user comes again to comment he or she will no more find the open comment box below all the comments or content, instead a button has to be clicked to get open the comment box. Thus making commenting a two step procedure.

When there are a number of lengthy comments the user coming last or latest to comment has to scroll up a lot to find out the button and click, instead of the easy approach of finding the open comment box at the bottom ( as in elgg org or facebook or everywhere ). He or she may even think that the comments option has been closed thus social participation may be hampered too.

Any new Elgg theme or any code patch solving this problem? Thanks in advance.