My website getting too many spammy comments

Hello friends, I am a developer and I am in my initial stage. Recently I developed a question and answers website and integrate comment box. Now I receiving too many comments on a daily basis that look like spammy. I need to delete 1000+ comments on daily basis which is more than irritating. All my time waste on these things. Anyone here to help me, please? waiting for your kind response.

  • Hi

    Try following

    - Matt Becket's Spam Login Filter plugin -

    access from spammer IP addresses is blocked -  Go to Code Repository for Elgg 3.x compatible version.

    Very configurable in settings and effective.

    - iionly's http:blacklist plugin -

    access from spammer IP addresses is blocked. Checks an IP database for that. Very effective 

    - Matt Becket's Spam Throttle -

    Beautiful idea and it works. If someone tries to spam you with a brand-new clean IP address, this plugin will spot and hammer down that spammer.As far as I know - unfortunatey - not available for Elgg 3. Still, check the code repository just in case.

    And the last but not the least, it is good to use a captcha at least for registration. There are several, but iionly's captcha is google-free if you are sensitive about privacy of your users: iionly

    Good luck

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