Problem display of Activity river with hypeInteractions


I already have hypeDiscussions and hypeInteractions install yesterday, Great plugins.

Today I also install hypeAttachments and hypeDropzone.

Then my site do not show activity river. Blank screen. But with URL I can access groups, members etc etc.

I look at error.log file and see it say

... stderr: PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ':', expecting ';'or '{' in /var/www/....../mod/hypeInteractions/vendor/fire015/flintstone/src/Flintstone.php on line 53, referer: .../activity

I look in source, Counting space and comments line 53 head of procedure:

   public function getDatabase(): Database


     return $this->database;


My Elgg version 2.3

Because hypeInteractions (elgg 2.3) work good and problem happen after I install hypeAttachments (elgg 2.2) and hypeDropzone (elgg 2.2). Because I install full with dependencies package maybe last 2 package parts override part of first 1 package.  So I delete hypeInteractions source and re install.

But same problem.

I disable hypeInteractions plugin and problem go away but I dont want lose hypeInteraction function.

Maybe you can help me?

  • I decide recover from old-backup (I took before hypeAttachments and hypeDropzone install)

    1-I careful fist take backup of current state (problem state)

    2-rename data and source code directoryes to different names

    3-restore data and source code directoryes from old-backup

    4- run database script to restore from old-backup

    5- I check owners and access rights for data and source code directories

    6- I open website. Login. Flush caches and upgrade

    Then I find problems:

    1- In activity river previously rendered hypewall & hypeScraper images lost.

    When I enter new links in hypeWall for most sites render of image work but some site not work (it worked before for them and they are in hypescraper settings),

    2- A few (not many) images lost (example: an image embedded in an event entry body. When I click I get URL expired message).

    Any reason you know and how I correct this? Thank you for help!


  • use hypeinteractive 5.5.0 even i faced the same problem after which run upgrade ... Then use the Hotfixes Tool in develop.. It should fix your problem ..