hypeWall in groups

Hello all,

On Elgg 2.3.x & hypeWall v5.2.0

When I enable the group wall and then click the 'Group Wall' link, I see the hypeWall posting box along with the previously posted things.

But when I add the Wall widget to the profile of the group, I see no hypeWall posting widget but only the previously posted things. Am I doing something wrong or is this the current limitation/implementation with the wall widget in groups?

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  • OK. The 'Group Wall' widget has a setting 'Show a form to add new posts'.

    The strange thing is, it is defaulted to 'Yes', hence it should show the post widget by default but it does not (at least in my environment). You need to save it explicitly to get the posting widget displayed within the 'Group Wall' widget.

    Normally hypeWall adds itself to site activity page. But on group level, it does not display on 'Group Activity' widget (at least I could not - and unlike the 'Group Wall' widget, 'Group Wall' widget does not have any 'Show a form to add new posts' setting). What would be the way to display the post box in 'Group Activity' widget?


  • What do you mean 'Group Wall' widget?

    By default, Groups don't have widgets on its profiles but the groups' modules only.

    Do you use a 3rd party plugin?

  • The widgets are from ColdTrick's 'Widget Manager' and 'Group Tools' plugins. Forgot about it.

  • Just tested with the followed steps and all works very well:

    1 - Add in start.php of your custom plugin:

    elgg_register_widget_type('wall', elgg_echo('wall'), elgg_echo('wall:widget:description'), ['groups', 'profile'], false);

    2 - Add 'Wall' widget on Group's profile

    3 - Check on 'Show a form to add new posts' option in the widget's settings

    4 - Done.

    Tested on Elgg 2.3.14 / hypeWall 5.2.0 / Group Tools 9.4 / Widget Manager 8.3.2-1

  • @RvR, as you proposed,

    ın a custom plugın,

    In mod\group_tools\views\default\widgets\group_river_widget\content.php

    I have added Add this:

    echo elgg_view("framework/wall/container");

    Before this:

    echo elgg_view('page/components/list', $options);

    and ıt adds the hypeWall post wıdget to Group Actıvıty wedget whıch comes with ColdTrick's Group Tools plugin.