So.. this should be a pretty basic question to answer.. but I'm still learning so throwing it out there.  I'm looking to customize my login page and I'm working on developing a plugin to do it.  Question I had was regarding the use of elgg_echo.  I've gone into my language directory and edited my en.php to add and edit some text that I want to display.  The entries that I added seem to appear just fine, but when I try to edit the entry for "login" => "Log in" to "login" => "Log in/Register" the page still shows just "Log in".

$title = elgg_echo('content:latest');

$content = elgg_list_river();

if (!$content) { $content = elgg_echo('river:none'); }

$login_box = elgg_view('core/account/login_box');

$params = array(

'title' => $title,

'content' => $content );

$body = elgg_view_layout('one_column', $params);

echo elgg_view_page(null, $body);

I'm working with Elgg version 2.3.14. 

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Beginning Developers

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