How 2: links Output preview function for all output???

This is my big question since day one: How do you make all text input preview links on Output???

It is obviously possible, because have seen it done on old Version Elgg Social Network.still currently in active use.

This archaic comment prompted me bringing up the question.... for finding the answer.

Good job! It appears to only work with the river's wire post. Why not extend all of Elgg's output function to use the library?

  • The links preview method has inherent conflict with the wire edit.

    Is there some way for making all text input links show rich content of output?

    especially in comments???

  • Will Oembed also display images/gif along with Video on Output?

    Noticed this in/mod/oembed/views/default/oembed/js elgg_after.php

    if (0): ?><script><?php endif; ?>

    <?php // inlining the script here so it will be cached with js/elgg
    readfile(dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(__DIR__)))) . '/lib/jquery.oembed.min.js'); ?>

    $(function() {
        // don't display embeds in comments
        $("a[title^=oembed]:not(.elgg-comments a)").append(' (loading...)').oembed(null, {
            maxWidth: 500

    How would that be modified for showing Oembed output in comments?



  • Thanks fr pointing the direction... This is for 1.12 server... Oembed v1.8 will function.