Image embedded (via 'Embed Content') in discussion display small. (tidypics? file? database value?


I add a image in a discussion. It display square and also small similar to gallery

In past I had tried changeing image size in activity and I think it efected also discussion.

I tried:

  1. I upgrade my site to Elgg 2.3.12 and Tidypics 2.3.6. In both times I did not overwrite source code. Instead I delete directories and use complete new code.
  2. I check Tidypics image size settings and compare with another site with no this problem. Settings same but result in discussion embed content is different,

Why this happen?

  1. Is it because some old setting value remain in database? Which one can it be?
  2. `Embed Content` use Tidypics or settings? Or what Embed Content use?

Help please...


  • Embed content don't use TidyPics settings.

    If you talk about the bundled 'embed' plugin then you can change (by copying this file to your custom plugin with same path):


    Replace this string:

    return match.replace('small', 'medium');


    return match.replace('small', 'large');

    Clean the caches.

  • Thank you RvR. Indeed now it display normal size image embedded in group discussion.

    But if I create a elgg test site from zero and then I embed image in group discussion and size of image is already fine large size. No need to change code -- code is default return match.replace('small', 'medium');

    But my existing elgg site I have to change the code.

    Then I think because for my existing elgg site also code is complete new after 2.3.14 upgrade (i delete old code and copy new code therefore no overwrite) why this happen in existing site and not in test site from zero? Code same. In update what not complete change? a-database b-data files

    Maybe embed keep a value in database to understand what is large what i medium and that value stays somewhere?


  • The embedded content is saved as a description for each entity in the DB.