Userpicker can't find admin

When users on my site want to send me a message, they can't just go to messages > create a message, because the userpicker can't find my name. If they click on my avatar and choose send a message, then my name will be placed as the recipient.

I've been wondering if it might be because I'm a creator of the site or admin. Has anyone experienced this?

Elgg 3.1.1

  • I can't recognize it. Elgg 3.1.2

  • I have an online network and a copy in localhost. In fact, localhost works completely without problems, it's online userpicker does not work. Have you tested online?

  • The first test was on production server.

    Just tested on the localhost (Elgg 3.1.2) - all works very well.

    Maybe, the encoding (username or name) issue?

    MySQL DB with utf8mb encoding on both servers.

  • Thank for the help RvR

    I don't think it's encoding (utf8mb4_general_ci on both). If I create a new user with my name the picker finds it!

  • In Elgg 3.0.4 there was this fix: 

    • livesearch: by default no longer include banned users (c059ff11)

    If I revert the changed file (userpicker.php) by deleting this line,

    //$params['include_banned'] = (bool) elgg_extract('include_banned', $vars, false);

    it's working and userpicker find my name???

  • In early 3.0, users were created without some default metadata, including 'banned', so the search probably tries to match by metadata that is not set on the admin user, which was created in an earlier version. Perhaps there is a need for a migration script that will ensure that banned and other default metadata is set on all user entities.