embed audio problem

Hello I have an issue with embedding .mp3 audio files into pages and blogs and generally everywhere. I have spent a number of hours searching through the community.elgg.org for answers as well as the googlegroups/elggusers but so far have come up with nothing.

I'm using Elgg 1.5 with a host of plugins. The problem I am having is that when I try to embed a file that I have uploaded to elgg all I get is a link. It doesn't embed.  I have tried the many offered solutions such as:

1) Turning off tinymce editor while uploading and embedding
2) installing tinymce extended that includes media embedding
3) Rearranging the order of embed & tinymce in plugin list

Nothing works. No matter what I do I continue to have this problem. Are there any solutions?

  • The file I've been working with is 2.13Mb

  • Any suggestions? This really is a major flaw in the system.

  • The sytem is basically a generic version of a crapy message board and nothing else. I was excited to get started, but once I tried to get things to work, well you know how it goes, down hill.

  • Anyone have any ideas. Embedding content seems to work for some people so there must be a solution. Is anyone willing to help me out with this one?

  • Trajan, I am using e.gg 1.6 and 1.6.1 and when I embed the audio file through my library on site, it gives me a link to that file and by accessing that link I can play it, and if I am embedding a link to a location where audio/video files are sitting, it plays them direclty by clicking on the link (opening the media directly into an external player).


    However, if you are trying to embed an audio player inside your page/blog/wherever, then I guess you are out of luck, until someone comes up with an audio plugin that can be embeded using TinyMCE to play audio/video media (other than the youtube) within the post/comment.