Changing Icon mouse over Hover color

Where is the css for Changing Icon mouse over Hover color:#?

(Likes,Comment,Delete, & such)

  • I'm not sure Elgg has any CSS that would change the hover color in the first place. It's probably the browser itself that comes with some default settings (yes, browsers also come with some CSS already). There was another discussion thread some months ago ( But it seems the issue never got resolved there either.

  • Whilst modding css codes last month... distinctly recall changing the icon hover color...  now it's mystery exactly where managed accomplishing the desired effect... Thanks for response. Let me start digging back into the code for searching for that #4690D6 - elgg light blue code string.

  • This is my solution:

    Modify mod/fontawesome/views/default/css/elements/ icons.php

    /* ***************************************
    *************************************** */
    .fa {
        color: #CCC;
    .fa.elgg-icon {
        font-size: 16px;

    :focus > .fa,
    .fa-hover {
        color: #4690D6;

    changed color for #FF0000

    & it's fully function plus looks "Awesome" with my custom theme :)

    BTW that changes all icon hover colors


  • This does the desired effect for me & using "fontawesome" anyways...