Elgg Ver: 2.3 (Latest Stable Release)

I have the cron jobs up and running, but have the following question which I am unable to understand nor find documentation,

Q. Under /vendor/elgg/elgg/install/config/osx  folder the readme.txt file reads:

1. Modify the elgg.cron.1min.plist and replace YOUR.DOMAIN.HERE with your domain:

2. copy the plist into /Library/LaunchAgents

3. From terminal load the plist like so:
launchctl load -w /Library/LaunchAgents/elgg.cron.1min.plist

From the above the num 2 is ambiguous. What does it mean when it says copy the playlist into /Library/LaunchAgents

Where is this /Library/LauchAgents?

I had this question for a year or so. An explanation would be appreciated.



  • are they talking about local linux machine (localhost) on which mydomainname.com is being hosted? If its being hosted on a professional hosting service provider even with ssh access I dont think one may have access to such lib