Tidypics "Large" Image size preview in Activity/River?

When changing the album size it changes the River preview size...


then my albums are all messed up in the Gallery.

What is the best way for making the River image size previews large whilst at the same time preserving the gallery album sizes for small square thumbnails???

This has been extremely hard question for me researching any real answers.

Any input is appreciated.


  • Whenever change the album icon size for getting larger images in activity, then the actual images in gallery view are "thin" Horizontally limited somehow. So suppose it may acceptable if get those images full size also, instead of horizontally cropped/limited/truncated images. It there some way for defining the amount of images per row in gallery mode?

  • Experimented some more...

    The correct Tidypics settings are:

    Show the album cover or a set of photos for new album:


    How many entries in activity river for each batch of uploaded photos:


    Include a preview image in activity river entries when albums and images are commented on:


    Size of the preview images in river entries (if previews are to be displayed):



  • There are three sizes of thumbnails: tiny, small and large. The "large" thumbnails are used in the full view of a single image while tiny and small are used both in the gallery view AND (depending on the size selected) also on the activity page in the river entries. If you now change the size of tiny and small thumbnails to make them larger this will of course result in a problem in the gallery view showing also increased thumbnails.

    My suggestion: leave the thumbnail sizes unchanged. The modification of the file https://github.com/iionly/tidypics/blob/1.10/views/default/forms/photos/admin/settings/activity.php should work:

    echo elgg_view('input/select', array(
        'name' => 'params[river_thumbnails_size]',
        'options_values' => array(
             'large' => elgg_echo('tidypics:option:river_comments_thumbnails_large'),
            'small' => elgg_echo('tidypics:option:river_comments_thumbnails_small'),
            'tiny' => elgg_echo('tidypics:option:river_comments_thumbnails_tiny')
        'value' => $plugin->river_thumbnails_size,

    The added line with 'large' as an option might not display a useful text as the language string 'tidypics:option:river_comments_thumbnails_large' is likely not defined in the language files of Tidypics.

    After changing the code you need to flush the site cache (or disable/reenable the a plugin). You need to select the "large" option in the Tidypics plugin settings and it should work, i.e. the large thumbnails should show up on the activity page immediately after.

    The other way to get the large thumbnails would be to change the view files in mod/tidypics/views/default/river whereever a preview image is used. Look in the files and change the variable value of $preview_size to "large" instead of reading the value of the river_thumbnails_size plugin setting.

  • Thanks so much for the response. The other method currently is functioning for my purposes.Let me edit the suggested file on one of the test server installs. When have some of the "mythical extra time", the results will be reported in this thread. My previous changing of "tiny" to "large" in various files as suggested in another post somewhere had created some chaotic results with the Gallery view so reloaded fresh files before changing the mentioned River Activity settings. Your input is appreciated.