Implementing Codes - that require CCS declaration

"Implementing" some Jquery Codes with different "functions", "different class", "containers", "span" that requires additional CCS declaration 

This is a question, I had for a long long time. But didn't had the courage to ask thinking someone may just give me a nasty answer. So,  I thought I try to learn and discover as much as I can and I finally think I know the answer to my question that its not possible, but I am have wrong on many occasions, so, I here I am "officially" asking for feedback.
Elgg Community coders and Developers probably can already tell I don't know anything. As a matter of fact this is 100% Correct. As you can see above I wrote "Implementing" not "Writing"  a code. So, basically, I am go on code fishing, browse w3school for examples, and thinks that I like, I want to implement. Lastly, I am not even sure what I am asking, so I am gona ask my question with examples.
I would very much request your patience and understanding. I know that teaching how to code is beyond the scope of the Elgg Community. But I  am sure that Elgg community can tell me if this is possible or not within the existing structure and Jquery scope or Scope defined in Elgg 2.3.13. and trust me if I had the money to hire or had the expertise, I wouldn't be asking dumb questions, and making a fool out of myself.

Exact Question with Examples:
Q: Implementing Codes (not as a plugin)  rather just copy & paste in the existing Elgg 2.3.13 Structure using Editor's (show html) or (show source code) function. Some common examples of copy pastes are: Iframe Codes from Youtube., SoundCloud or Just copy paste FB Like Buttons or Twitter codes. Now you know what I am trying to say.  May be not, and this is why I am have following Questions with Examples

Q1. I want to have footer Menus that I want to implement using AU Spotlight plugin which gives me 3 cols for both logged out and logged in users.
So, I have chose to go with a Dropdown Menu Function for max utilization of the right most col space allocated. The example of code that I want to use can be seen here:or direct link -

Q2. This one is interesting: I made a profile for ResellersPanel hoping they will be my hosting sponsor. Don't know if they gona do it or not. But the interesting is when I made the profile I copy pasted some information from their page into Profile Manage Description and when I save it, I saw some fine responsive <span> elements in work. You must look it up -

So, I thought I can just lookup the code using show html or source code from my editor and use the code in  About  page which was generated using External Page Plugin (Core). But found out it doesn't work. So now, I am directly copy pasting from the ResellerPanel Page and still doesn't work. So I looked further into it, and found out, when I copy pasted the information I get this cool responsive span menu elements only if 2 conditions are met of which No. 1 is  I must use use Firefox. If I were to delete this profile and recreate the same information using Chrome, I would be able to recreate what I see here: or direct link . 2nd Condition is: It only works in Profile Manager. Wonder why?

particularly for this Q2, the only solution that I see is to use Static CMS plugin or anypage plugin and create a about.php instead of using external page core plugin. Is my thinking and approach for this particular solution using static cms plugin is correct ? Yes|No

Q3.  Browsing for Ideas and getting Inspired: So, here the the site  or direct link is one of my favorite site that inspires me. I don't have to be a coder to understand that they have customized plugin or module in place. If you are on that site now, and scoldown a bit where u see wold map vectoring. This is also customized but  If I were do something similar but eliminating the customized factor and strictly have a map vectoring by lat and log I can see it is possible using map.js  and its free  and they have this js for vectoring only among many other elements. so the vectoring map js will only do random vectoring.  My question is if I take that map.js from or; it is possible to integrate with the plugin facebook logged out . Yes or No? I think Yes.

JUST A NOTE on this ---- Long long back when I was experimenting with drupal distribution called "Micro Bloging" which is no longer supported. I saw Drupal had this very cool plugin which showed a  world map where a vector or a scale would show who is posting downloading doing what from what part of the corner of the world but the plugin was only for Drupal like not for others to use. 

Q4. Last one.  As I said before, I had these ideas for long long time. and have been trying to understand and but never understood completely. and this is the last one - and this question may get u confused cuz I don't know how to ask but I will try -

Speaking of writing codes with various functions either from Jquerry or Angular or Vue.JS  does elgg lib support  codes  / functions from these 3 types of IoT of what ever? 
For example lets say within the about or terms or privacy page using the core plugins if I were to write some codes using some class like class = timeline will elgg core support it or I need additional lib support  or a plugin that will give me an option to implement timeline in globally (anywhere I may want to use where ever we have a full editor function)  Perhaps I should narrow it down to the following particular:

something line the picture shows for FAQ answering or where ever i may think a little visual steps may help

I know from 3wscool that it is possible to do the above simply using CCS or some basic html. does elgg core as it is support it.