Only a question

Hello, I have elgg 3.0, and have a question, because developers professionals elgg, not yet have developed a plugin similar to "hypewall" where users can send "videos", "photos", links YouTube for example, direct on page of the flow of activities? equal to Facebook without leaving the page activity, to post what they want, does the developer who has disabled project hypewall, it is only him that has in the world?

  • What did you take as the baseline instead of TheWire?

    This is an extended hypeWall and custom UI (aka theme).

    Once again, we've not modified hypeWall.

    Just we used Elgg hooks to override and extend this plugin. Everything is in the Elgg documentation.

    Initially Post Wall was a customer order for the development of Twitter clone based on Elgg framework.

    Now it's a product that we sell in our store.

  • RvR, posting part is together with full site, is posting part separate available to use in anyother elgg site?

  •  The "posting part" is a custom plugin. You may need to make changes to your theme when using this plugin on another site.

  • i see, thank you RvR for reply.