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Hello, I have elgg 3.0, and have a question, because developers professionals elgg, not yet have developed a plugin similar to "hypewall" where users can send "videos", "photos", links YouTube for example, direct on page of the flow of activities? equal to Facebook without leaving the page activity, to post what they want, does the developer who has disabled project hypewall, it is only him that has in the world?

  • @ihayredinov so people can subscribe on (€300/yr?) to gain access to updated versions of your plugins for Elgg 3? I'm asking mainly to know if I can safely suggest this to people who ask here for upgraded versions of your plugins and I wouldn't want to make such a suggestions if everything is different again in just a few months. I also noticed that the terms and privacy pages a user who wants to register an account at would have to agree to are missing which might be a little bit irritating and might stop some people from creating an account.

  • @Jaqueline as @iionly has said,  building activity UI or design like Facebook, twitter, and Youtube can be achieved with the existing plugins of Elgg 2.3 or latest plugin versions. I have not updated all of my plugins to latest Elgg 3.0 Version but based on my testing, Elgg 3.0 and moving forward is the ultimate engine that will drive most websites and applications on internet. The only issue I think is time. I don't mind developing plugins for free. However, most of the developers will prefer some cup of coffee or tea while developing or updating new tools that can make Elgg Engine Great Again.

    For example: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and major online social networks on earth uses API method to update their servers without reloading the whole page. This can be achieved on Elgg by using a plugin called Web Services which is a core plugin. However, for a website to handle several call to the server and returning those requests without messing up with other parts of the page that the viewer or user is eyeballing or staring at --- the website has to expose contents through web services API plugin. Exposed functions as web services can be integrated with other widgets on the HTML and CSS based page which will work independently through JavaScript library to updated various parts of the page that the viewer is interacting with without reloading the whole page.

    In short, it is not hard to design a plugin that can pull and push contents to the Elgg 3.X database with the help of Memcached, HipHop for PHP and HipHop Virtual Machine (HHVM), Haystack, BigPipe, Cassandra (Instagram), Scribe, Hadoop and Hive, Thrift, Varnish, React, and XHProf. However, It takes time for a developer to put their day to day chores aside and focus on developing new tools that might  solve complex problems of 22nd Century!

  • Yes Tom, I would just like a plugin, it would be possible to create publications directly from the activity page, like mensione like Facebook for example, without going to the "files" page or going to the "blog" page or going to the "videos" page to publish. I do not know how to develop plugins, but from what I could see, it looks like plugins so everything revolves around "hypewall", "It seems the only plugin in the world", and for other people to create a similar plugin, need to ask for authorization from the developer, which is no longer part of elgg. "It can only be joking!"

  • @Jaqueline , Yes a plugin can be developed based on modern UI design. The best way is to ask developers here on elgg who might attempt or even be interested to pick up such a task. You can even team up with other users who might wish to have such a tool on their websites. Divide the cost and hire a developer here in the community because they know how Elgg works and is easier to develop something that can be easily updated in the near future without going through nightmares and headaches! 7 years ago, we used to have Facebook theme for Elgg 1.8 by  Evan Winslow that tried to solve the same problem you are trying to solve. However, Facebook theme updated Elgg objects and entities by reloading the whole page and therefore the user was forced to scroll up or down to again find what they were staring at or enjoy reading on the river page before posting content on Page, Blog, videos, pages, and many more.

    By the way, JavaScript is soon going away because it is headache for developers to develop and maintain and to make matters worse, it cost search engines a lot of money to render or index JavaScript based websites. For your information Bing and other search engines rarely serve contents from JavaScript Based sites. At the moment, only google has enough money to pay for servers that can strip contents from JavaScript based websites. Therefore, if you are a smart website owner or developer, you should start investing your money and time on WEB PERFORMER.  Web Performer is a Web Application Auto Generating Tool which boosts website development based on Elgg Engine. Web Performer can generate Web Applications on Java language and can support Multi-browsers and smart devices.

    In short, Elgg + Web performer is the next big thing for both Cellphone and Websites for online users.

  • Tom, yes I'm perfectly understanding what you said, but what I'm trying to say, is a (shortcut plugin), a "photos" button on the activities page. only that.

  • @Jaqueline , I think it can be done with the current plugins like HypeWall and other similar plugins. I have not looked at hypeWall, PostWall, or other related plugins codes lately but I think it can be done so that the users can interact with the whole site from the river without hunting down  links and navigation bars on the site.

  • @Jaqueline  Actually the developer of the plugin does not require his authorisation for changes to his plugins. Sources are there in Github and open source. Anyone can take and change them.

    It is just that, when you modify one of his plugins, developer expects you to make the modifications available free of charge back to public domain, just like the original one was. This is quite a reasonable request.

    Actually most open source licenses require the same thing. We owe this to Apple/Steve Jobs. Because they took the open source Unix from public domain, modified it, renamed it as "Mac OS" and started selling it for profit without giving back anything to public domain. To prevent further such thefts, license terms were modified some years ago.

  • As for the posting widget, the available tools from Elgg  are not anywhere near what social media users (of LinkedIn, twitter etc) are used to. Elgg way of posting often looks like mimicking menu options. E.g. when you choose photo upload, actually you are seeing a file upload form or photo upload form etc. This is not what users are used to.

    Users are used to LinkedIn or Twitter, where they write a text, enter a URL and it is rendered automatically or they upload a photo and it displays nicely with the text. I know that these companies have deep pockets but user does not care.

    A relatively recent yet-another-social-network-software HumHub does it nicely (BTW, this is the only good thing it does. Elgg beats HumHub in every other aspect):

    So far, the posting widget I liked most, was of an Argentinian company called Keetup. As far as I know, they left Elgg dev. And it was only marginally better and nowhere near what HumHub etc does.

  • All of these discussions make me feel like a villain. I will waste more energy trying to explain to people that my time costs money than just let you have it free. In this light, I have opened up most plugins for free downloads. You are welcome to become a Patron and support the development by subscribing, otherwise just download the plugins and stop making all the noise. Cheers.

  • PostWall: customized and extended hypeWall.


    I checked the PostWall. The posting widget is great. Congratulations...

    You mentioned that you had done it without TheWire. What did you take as the baseline instead of TheWire?

    If you one day decide to make the posting widget available to Elgg -one way or another- will be great. It is exactly what Elgg needs.