Only a question

Hello, I have elgg 3.0, and have a question, because developers professionals elgg, not yet have developed a plugin similar to "hypewall" where users can send "videos", "photos", links YouTube for example, direct on page of the flow of activities? equal to Facebook without leaving the page activity, to post what they want, does the developer who has disabled project hypewall, it is only him that has in the world?

  • The code of hypeWall is public (available for example at So, in theory anyone could upgrade the plugin to work on Elgg 3. I don't know if it has been done by anyone else but Ismayil (and he seems very unwilling to share for free if at all). Maybe someone will upgrade the plugin (primarily for own use) and publish an updated version. Or someone (you?) might hire a developer to do the job if unwilling to wait any longer. First of all it takes time for upgrading any plugin (and hypeWall is not just a trivial plugin) and everyone is lacking the time (at least I do as I don't even have time to work on upgrading my own plugins as much as I would like).

  • Yes. I would be willing to pay for the development of the plugin, but the "develop" is not willing to work on it even paying. I have already been informed of this.

  • The truth is that, I followed a few years ago, the developer of the plugin informing the removal of Elgg, the cause (probably) was for being disowned of his ideas, along with other developers, he got angry and left. so I did (only one question) if no other developer created a plugin similar to (hypewall) or if it was just one in the world.

  • PostWall: customized and extended hypeWall.

    organiZm/river: our custom plugin with same (and more) options.

    All sites on Elgg 2.3 and will be updated on Elgg 3.x.

  • RvR, are you showing the plugins running just .....?

  • If you ask about the installed plugins:

    PostWall is a combine of hypeWall + hypeScraper + custom theme without TheWire.

    You can read more about PostWall on this page.

    organiZm is a full customized Elgg site with several plugins (including hypeScraper) but without hypeWall and TheWire.

    I want to say that hypeWall is not critical plugin unlike hypeScraper so you can develop your own plugin based on the feed UI aka stream, activity etc.

    (If you login on organiZm, you will see how you can change Elgg activity.)

  • RvR could you share the plugin for download?

  • This is a team work and I'm not a team leader. So I can't decide to make these plugins free.

  • Just a reminder, that any modifications you make to hype plugins should be made available publically under the GPL license terms.

    3.0 version of the plugins are available for download for paying subscribers at

  • Just a reminder

    Sure. We don't modify any hype plugins.