Mixed Content Blocked

My apologies up front for the simplicity of my question.

I've just set up Elgg, however, when I view the default home page, most of the content is not populating. 

This is due to many items being passed at http, not https.

When I run inspector on the home page, I can see the HTML and each item being passed as http, however, I am unable to locate the correct file in the Elgg site directory to update. 

I understand that Elgg is using PHP instead of HTML and utilizes views, however, I'm still unsure what I need to be looking for as for a file to update, as well as what I would need to change in order to pass these items as https.


Any help is greatly appreciated.




  • Change your site URL: Administration -> Settings -> Advanced settings.

    Maybe, you need to change something in your server's configs (e.g. htaccess if you're use Apache: 1, 2).

    Read this also.


  • Mixed Content Blocked is due to loading of http content on a https site. You http can be an external js file, external css file, external image file etc.

    What you can do is, study the source code of the page in which you are getting the error.

    Press Ctrl + U (this shortcut is for chrome) on the page to view the html source code and look for the string " http:// " (without quotes). Those are the files that might be causing the error.

    Now there might be a scenario where the url will look like this -> src="//someurl.com". These type of external url also cause mixed content blocked error.

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