Embed Media Plugin Upload leaves page...

Sorry to be asking so many Q's at the moment - really trying to get my installation shipshape (I'm still in restricted Beta and hope to go live soon) Was wondering if anyone could tell me if my embed media plugin is behaving correctly.  It loads over the page (I think in an iFrame) but then when I choose a file and click upload it takes you to a new page altogether, away from whatever you were doing, like creating a new blog entry.  I can't understand why it does this instead of doing all processing in the iFrame, do I have a bug?

I was also wondering if the 'file' plugin can be used solely with embed media and not give users all the other ways of adding files - I'm just literally looking to let them upload pictures to their blog and don't want to give them to many options to have file repositorys and things besides that.



  • That is the way it works and I think that is a bug. You could report it to trac: http://trac.elgg.org/extensions/

  • Thanks Cash, I'll report that now. 

    I worry about users losing their entries so I'll have to disable it at the moment until it's fixed.

  • I think this is quite odd about the embed ...

    When I am entering a Page in a Group and Embedding a file (and uploading the file during the Page creation), I find that the file, after uploading, isn't include in the Group File menu.

    Further, when I upload a file to the Group menu (not through page creation but through the Group File menu), and I then create a Page in the Group, the files in the Group menu are not available to embed in the page. The only way to embed the file in the page is to upload it again, but not in the Group menu.

    Strange, but true!